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A1 Honeymoon

Bass, Piano, Guitar, Organ, Mellotron, Synth [Synth Pad] – Rick NowelsDrums [Live] – Curt BisqueraDrums, Effects – Kieron MenziesStrings, Synth [Effects] – Patrick WarrenVocals – Lana Del Rey

A2 Music To Watch Boys To

Bass, Omnichord – Roger Joseph Manning Jr.Congas [Conga] – Brian Griffin (4)Drums [Live] – Curt BisqueraDrums, Percussion, Sampler [Samples] – Kieron MenziesEffects [Additional] – Trevor YasudaFlute – Leon MichelsPiano, Synth, Synth [Pads], Electric Guitar – Rick NowelsStrings, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon [Basson] – Patrick WarrenVocals – Lana Del Rey

A3 Terrence Loves You

Drums [Live] – Curt BisqueraEffects – Kieron MenziesElectric Guitar – David LevitaPiano, Synth – Rick NowelsSaxophone, Synth [Synth Pad] – Leon MichelsStrings, Kantele – Patrick WarrenVocals – Lana Del Rey

B1 God Knows I Tried

Drums, Bass, Sampler [Samples] – Kieron MenziesElectric Guitar, Organ, Synth [Pads], Electric Piano, Mellotron – Rick NowelsEngineer – Chris Garcia (5), Kieron Menzies, Trevor YasudaMastered By – Adam AyanMixed By – Kieron MenziesProducer – Kieron Menzies, Lana Del Rey, Rick NowelsVocals – Lana Del Rey

B2 High By The Beach

Drums, Bass, Sampler [Samples], Synth, Effects – Kieron MenziesHarmonium, Piano – Patrick WarrenOrgan, Synth, Keyboards – Rick NowelsSynth [Synth Pad], Performer [Juno Lead], Flute – Leon MichelsVocals – Lana Del Rey

B3 Freak

Drums, Percussion, Bass [808 Bass] – Kieron MenziesEngineer [Assistant] – Iris Sofia, Phil JolyGuitar [Effects] – Rusty AndersonMellotron [Effects] – Lana Del ReySaxophone, Synth – Leon MichelsSynth [Pads], Electric Guitar, Bass – Rick NowelsVocals – Lana Del Rey

C1 Art Deco

Drums, Percussion, Synth – Kieron MenziesPercussion – Derek “DJA” Allen*Saxophone, Synth [Juno Pad] – Leon MichelsStrings, Piano, Synth – Patrick WarrenSynth [Pads], Mellotron, Bass – Rick NowelsVocals – Lana Del Rey

C2 Burnt Norton (Interlude)

Music By – Keefus CianciaNarrator – Lana Del Rey

C3 Religion

Acoustic Guitar – David LevitaDrums, Loops – Kieron MenziesEffects [Additional] – Trevor YasudaGuitar [Mellotron Guitar], Synth, Synth [Pads], Bass – Rick NowelsStrings, Electric Piano – Patrick WarrenVocals – Lana Del Rey

C4 Salvatore

Drums [Live], Percussion – Brian Griffin (4)Engineer [Assistant] – Iris Sofia, Phil JolyPercussion – Kieron MenziesSynth [Pads], Mellotron, Strings, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass, Percussion – Rick NowelsVocals – Lana Del Rey

D1 The Blackest Day

Drums, Bass, Synth, Sampler [Samples] – Kieron MenziesEffects [Additional] – Trevor YasudaElectric Guitar – David LevitaOrgan, Synth [Pads] – Rick NowelsProducer – Kieron Menzies, Lana Del Rey, Rick NowelsStrings – Patrick WarrenVocals – Lana Del Rey

D2 24

Drums [Live], Percussion – Brian Griffin (4)Electric Guitar – Rusty AndersonElectric Piano [Rhodes], Mellotron, Piano, Synth, Synth [Pads], Bass – Rick NowelsEngineer [Assistant] – Emerson DayStrings, Horns, Percussion – Patrick WarrenVocals – Lana Del Rey

D3 Swan Song

Drums [Live], Percussion – Brian Griffin (4)Electric Guitar, Dulcimer – David LevitaEngineer [Assistant] – Josh TyrrellLoops [Drum Loops] – Kieron MenziesPercussion – Derek “DJA” Allen*Strings, Effects – Patrick WarrenSynth [Pads], Organ, Horns, Bass – Rick NowelsVocals – Lana Del Rey

D4 Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Drums [Live], Percussion – Brian Griffin (4)Mellotron, Celesta [Celeste], Organ [Vox Organ], Electric Guitar, Bass – Rick NowelsStrings, Synth, Effects – Patrick WarrenVocals – Lana Del Rey

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